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New Year, New Career Move?

As we step into 2024, time seems to fly by! While it’s common to set personal New Year’s resolutions, let’s be honest – how often do we stick to them?

In the People Freight Office, a few of us are guilty of not following through on those resolutions. Every year begins with the familiar promises of hitting the gym or cutting back on alcohol. However, amidst a barrage of emails and busy workdays, the reality sets in – that bottle of wine beckons, and the gym plans fall by the wayside. Before we know it, the New Year’s resolutions are already broken.

Perhaps some of you can relate to this scenario. But let’s shift our focus from the typical food and drink resolutions. Could it be “New Year, New Career”?

While many are content in their current roles, some may be contemplating a job change. Is it time to explore opportunities in a different industry to enhance your skills, or is it simply about prioritizing your well-being and finding a job that brings you happiness?

Whatever your reasons for considering a career change, there’s no harm in consulting with an expert to discuss what might be the best path for you. Maybe it’s time to start exploring job options that align with your goals.

At People Freight, we boast a team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in Freight Forwarding recruitment. They can make the decision-making process smoother for you.

If you’re certain it’s time for a new job, reach out to us today, and we can assist you in starting your job search.

You can start your job search with us by giving us a call 872 265 4448 or by emailing your resume to

We eagerly anticipate guiding you towards a successful career in a job you love!

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